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This Atlas is a snapshot of our old stomping grounds at Muses EqAtlas web site.
The site has since shut down, but only in the Internet (not in my mind).
The status of these pages are as they were during 2003.
Keep in mind, AXClassic is basically in this state, but there are changes that differ.
Some outstanding changes in AXClassic are:

  • Inhabitants of The City of Shar Vahl have moved to Kerra Isle, Vah Shir characters will start there.
  • Froglok race found a home in Swamp Of No Hope, they will start in the town there.
  • Both these towns are complete with guilds, merchants, new quests, etc.
  • The MInes of Gloomingdeep is not a starter zone, it has been upped to around level 10+ play. Drops /stats have been raised in level too.

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Stiok's Maps
Some of Stiok's Maps look like they came straight from EqAtlas, but many are very colorful with different details that appear to have come from other sources.
This also came from a web archive - while cleaning up the htmls, I noticed unfinished work in some areas, so some parts look more complete than others.

Old School Cazic Thule spoiler

Ultimate Guide to Kedge Keep

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